WTB golden quail or other colors, hens only (will drive, near MO)


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Dec 27, 2008
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I'm actually willing to drive a bit to get 'em, so even if you aren't in MO give me a shout, we don't mind traveling a bit (and as homeschoolers are always up for long field trips). I want some hens to breed with our lone golden roo to begin with. We have lots of jumbos and don't need more of them. I will eventually incubate, but right now want to focus on building up some layers in different colors.

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I rarely sell females, but just wanted to tell you that you can put the jumbos (browns, I assume?) in with the golden. Hypothetically, you will get 2 golden chicks and 1 brown for every 3 eggs set.

Check for ugly ducky on here, she is also in MO I believe, and has browns and goldens.
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I'd been thinking that the jumbos (yes, brown) would be the only result! I may have to give it that a try if I can't find any hens, the golden roo is living with a jumbo hen right now so we have fertile eggs. Thank you for the info!
Brown+any other color=brown.

Unless my genetics are off. I'm cooking up a batch now, and will see if I get anything other than white/brown.

Check back 033010. I'll let you know what happens.
I really need to build that hatcher!

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