WTB hatching eggs ( found some thanks!)

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WTB a mix of hatching eggs: interested in silkies, Favorelles, frizzles, polish, millie fleur D'uccles, etc. Possibly even some crosses if they are interesting. I have some paypal cash to spend! Getting my incubator warmed up now....
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I have polish (standard), bantam cochin frizzles and silkies...the cost for a combination is 20.00 shipped

I can put 2 silkies, 4 frizzles and 6 polish
I have bantam white frizzled cochins, blue and white silkies. I pull them into their own pens for breeding, so should get true to color and breed, but there may be a mutt or two in the mix due to an unfortunate infilitration a couple of weeks back. 8+ for $13 shipped.
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I have Black tail buff japenese, white cochins(bantams), and Appenzeller Spitzhauban I will take $20.00 for a dozen inculdes shipping. All of my silkies is setting right now.

Let me know if interested.
I have Salmon Faverolles.
I also have BLRW, Spitzhaubens, brabanters, buff orps, penedesencas, penedesenca marans cross, EE, and sex linked eggs.
Send me a PM if you are interested in any.
I got her eggs and are ver fertile wound up getting 3 aewsome silkies and a bunch of ohers! Love them
I have crosses of those eggs. Main rooster is a white showgirl roo that throws black/blue chicks. Crosses could be from frizzle blue cochin, black barred cochin, mille fleur d'uccles. I could throw in a couple of silkie eggs but they haven't been very fertile yet.

I'll have to load some pictures of the chicks I've got out of them. They are VERY cute and some interesting colors out of the millie/show girl crosses.
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