WTB Hatching Eggs... Most breeds!


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Sep 27, 2010
Hello there!

I have only a few hatchery birds at the moment, but I am trying to start a few breeder flocks of nicer quality birds. Therefore, I need some eggs to hatch :3
I am willing to spend about $50-80 USD for them total, but I'm not looking for more than three different breeders because then I will lose track of hatch dates. If one breeder could do all of the eggs because they have more pure breeds, then that would be excellent.

I love bantams, especially rare colored Old English Game. But I am willing to try any standard breed also, unless they are one of the common layer breeds (like RIR, BO, BR etc etc, we have access to them already in my area)

Again, looking for eggs that will produce at least breeder quality birds

Please post or send a PM with prices and what you have.

Hello, I can help you with Black Copper Marans eggs - very nice birds and egg colors - Wade Jean Line

Also have heritage Delawares - from SpeckledHen - great bloodlines - very nice

Also wonderful Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons - great bloodlines

Our lavendar orpingtons are beautiful as well.

Welsummers - could only send a few of those - not a full dozen.
Wheaten Marans are sold out for another month - last I checked the egg calendar.
(Early 2011 will be offering Blue/Black & Splash Marans)

If you want to wait a month we will also be offering Split Black/Lavendar Orpingtons - Hinkjc lineage as well

Here's a quick link to several of our pictures - http://thegarryfarm.webs.com/

, here are some links to some prior listings of ours on BYC

Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons

Heritage Delawares

Lavendar Orpingtons

We full time farm so I don't have all our links on our web site yet for all our birds - that's a Dec. project for me.

Please pm me if there are some of these you would like to know more about. To compute a price I would need to know your zip code and how many of each kind you would like. I have a few advance orders I need to fill on some of these so the best thing we could do is probably talk via pm or phone about when you would be ready, etc and I can work with our paid egg orders & ship dates and give you an idea of when we could ship. We book the eggs out based on when they are paid for. I think I've covered everything. Please do look at our feedback as well as you look at the prior auctions. Best of wishes on your "egg hunt" and have a blessed day. Nancy
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i can do large frame light brahmas, and white silkies. both breeds have took first place honors. let me know.
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I have several different breeds. They are:

C-1 Black Copper Marans

Blue Marans (C-1 BCM roo over blue hens)

Frizzled Easter Eggers

Frizzled Naked Necks/standard



Silkies (showgirl and standard)

Black Sex Links


Olive Eggers

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