WTB hatching eggs

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9 Years
Sep 20, 2010
Franklin Ga
all types would like to have maran,faverolle,Iowa Blue if possible, jersey giant, cochin, japanese bantam, oeg,phoenix bantam or standard, polish,vorwerk,yokohama. I love ornamental breeds and layers. just tell me what you have.
I am looking to buy locally.
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I have blue & wheaten & blue,silver cuckoo Marans also Olive egg layers you can see them on the link at the bottom.
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You are about 1/2 hour drive from us! Great.....We have blue black and splash orpingtons, We have French Black copper marans, might be able to tuck in a few Lavendar Orpingtons, depending how well they laid today....Welsummers are sold out for a while as are the wheatan marans...... I think that's got it....Everyone is continuing to lay very well.. Also have a pen of split/black lavendar orpingtons pen- just gorgeous.

I'd also love to interest you in one of our roosters that would be a gorgeous yard ornament - like a lavendar orpington or perhaps a splash one....

Let me know what interests you and if you are willing to pick up, that would be great!

Look forward to hearing from you. Have a blessed evening.Nancy....
I have Cuckoo Marans and Jersey Giants i am currently running auctions for...but if you dont mind them being shipped... i could offer another auction of Golden/Cuckoo marans when this one is finished....no one has bid yet on the black jersey giants.
I have Sumatras. One Blue hen and a Black roo. The male has three spurs on each leg and his tail is 27 inches long or about that. I will be getting eggs in a couple of weeks. My hen just hatched out three chicks, so she has to come back into laying.

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