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  1. Amarisus

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    May 14, 2011
    Fallbrook CA
    I just got a new incubator for christmas and you know what that means! [​IMG] Hatching time! [​IMG]
    So I've been dieing to my hands on a few certain breeds/colors for a reasonable price and I'm tired of getting outbid [​IMG] so I just decided to go ahead and see if I could just buy some what I'd really like is:

    Lavender orpingtons
    Lavender Ameraucanas
    Coronation sussex
    and maybe some eastereggers

    I'd like to know what you'd charge (include shipping) per dozen of each breed. I'd prefer if possible to not pay more than $3 an egg. Just let me know what you got. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

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