WTB Khaki Campbell Ducks (females)


10 Years
Sep 12, 2009
Central NY
I need to find about 4 Khaki Campbell ducks to put with my drakes.
They're good boys, in need of some company.

Would like them to be around 8 months, from this past springs hatch.
(Central NY)
Oh, that would be awesome. However, I'm not sure how they would do moving from Florida to NY.
The change in climate may be a bit of a shock.
I'll have to keep this in mind. Any idea what you would want for them or how much shipping would cost?
I don't have any experience with shipping live animals.
One goose as around 100 shipping, 44lbs worth of call ducks was 140 recently. I would guess shipping to be 60-100. $10 each for the girls, and we can send them when you warm more if you want, or sooner too.

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