WTB Silkie chicks


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Sep 1, 2008
Meriden, CT
I purchased 14 silkie eggs and only two hatched. I'm looking for a couple more playmates for my two cuties. They are now 3 weeks old. I also have a 4 week old that I believe is a RIR. My 4yr old daughter loves them!

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus with my daughter.

The Silkies at 1 day old.

I believe this is a RIR hen. I got her from a Land O Lakes farm. She's 4 weeks old.

My pitbull Roxanne loves the chicks too.

Roxanne is so patient as Lakes sits on her back.
Be careful with your pup and the chickens.
He looks like a sweetheart. My border collie mix was so docile with the chickens, but one day a turken of mine startled her while she was napping in the sun. She snarfed just intinctively and he was dead before we knew it- she didn't even bite him, just swung at him but her tooth hit his jugular vein. Just one little "snarf" was all it took. She actually seemed to feel remorseful and bad about it.

Your daughter is a cutie. She seems so proud of her two little fluffies.
Thanks for the advice. I never leave Roxanne alone with the chicks. She's the greatest dog but she is a dog so I never know how she'll react with them if I'm not there. She spends about 5 minutes a night with the chicks as I get everybody ready to be locked up for the night.

My daughter helped turn the eggs every day. She was pretty disappointed that only 2 hatched but now all her energy is spent on the chicks instead of feeling bad about the eggs.

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