WTB (Want To Buy) BLR Wyandotte pullets or young hens


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
I want to purchase 2 BLR(Blue Lace Red)Wyandotte pullets or young hens.
I looked on Craig's list, there is someone in Bryan yet they don't
respond to emails ***which they noted only reply via email they would
respond quickly ** yet it's been over a week and still haven;t heard anything so I figured I would go to the "Source of chicken knowledge" HERE, at least I know I will get a reply.... have silkies & showgirls thought maybe rid a few silkies/showgirls & replace with wyandotte.

I would rather find within driving distance verses order via mail.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome...
Your best bet and maybe the only one is to order from a poultry hatchery and have them mailed to you. You will be lucky if the breed you want is even available.

Do a Google search for Poultry Hatcheries or Chicken Hatchery and you will find nearly every hatchery in the USA. Then its going to take some time to find the breed you want and whether or not they are available, most are only available certain times of the year.

You also should have posted your request in the Buy-Sell-Trade section of this forum as this section is mostly about the laws in different parts of the country.

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