WTB Young Adult Hens IOWA


11 Years
Apr 10, 2008
this has been the worst spring ever
first the hatchery messes up the order and we have to wait till late march to get birds shipped
THEN they send the WRONG birds
on top of that - the packing peanuts they sent are starving out the ones we want to grow super fast but the husband's friend is not getting them anytime soon.
AND THEN.... I have gone to swaps, called folks from craigs list, searched classifieds, posted on message boards with NO SUCCESS

now what?
this is the last year for my son to show at the county fair and we have no birds....
(our birds are older and beaten up by roosters, we were going to add hens to the flock because we need the roosters for fair--hatchery mess up - no new hens, the packing peanuts are in the secure coop where we'd usually separate the fair birds to keep the roosters from picking on them)

on top of it all - I'm unemployed and can't afford to keep driving around to buy birds and we are running out of time to get the birds and "raise" them


what he needs are:
trio of white egg layers and trio of brown egg layers over 20 wks

pair of bantams over 1 yr


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