Wyandotte (2 year old) twitching

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Mar 10, 2018
I have noticed my bantam is sort of twitching. I thought she was about to gag. It's as if she lifts her shoulders forward then back. Never really opens her mouth. Seen this the last 2 days. She is up and about and even is outside in cold weather. She seems to eat with others, and moves around. She seems to have her feathers puffed up... but it's been rather cold out. She doesn't lay an egg every day yet due to weather, but she was laying for me. Not last 2-3 days though. Don't notice anything in her breathing.
No. I just added straw other day instead of using shavings. Would it of been from straw?
I feed sunflower seeds as a treat to help warm the chickens since it gets cold, or to get them inside if I need to leave. Would this cause problems?

I have noticed a smelly poop. Not sure if it was hers as it was already there.
I was wondering if she should be quarantined.
I have electrolytes but they expired short while ago. Places closed on Sunday.
Has she molted yet? Hard to know what’s going on without a video so we know what you mean by “twitching.” Can you post one? You would need to put it on YouTube or video and link it.
She molted last fall. I have a video. Need to do like you posted to get here. Wasn't able to before.
I removed her from coop. Her breast is sore. Heard sounds like creeking. Was odd. Opened her mouth and had a yellow phlegm.
She was active so not totally ill.
Still no idea what's wrong.
Ended up removing her from coop. I picked her up and her chest was sore. Seen flecks of mucus on her breast. Opened her mouth and seen a yellow mucus. Didn't resist me opening. Squawked when I touched her breast. It was spongy and she had a creaky/squeaky sound.
Not sure what is really wrong and if an antibiotic will work.

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