Wyandotte Broodiness


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10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
I'm getting some new chickens soon and one of the breeds I'm considering is a silver-laced Wyandotte, which is prone to broodiness. My question is: if a chicken goes broody, does she ever become productive again? If so, how long does the brooding period last? Also, I have a small backyard and I would not be able to accommodate any extra chickens, so I would not be able to indulge her broody behavior- would this be harmful to the chicken?
There are a lot of great threads here on breaking up broodies. I have around 70 wyandottes. Mine usually take about 3 weeks to get the eggs going again after the maternal urge wears off.

Also, if you are getting them from hatchery stock, they will be less prone to broodiness (as a rule). I still had a hatchery GLW go broody at 9 months of age...she's the only hatchery bird that's ever gone broody at my place though.

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