Wyandotte-Welsummer cross: cockerel or pullet?


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
I'm generally unlucky and newish to raising chicks, so pretty sure I've got a rooster on my hands here, but just for fun...

I was given what I was told are 2 Golden-laced Wyandotte / Welsummer crosses. It's week 6 and #1's had a sudden growth spurt and its comb has started to get a bit pink around the edges and despite the former owner's guess that both are pullets I'm now thinking roo. Just received them so not sure when feathers came in, etc., and both birds have pointy feathers at this point, so that's not helping much with the mystery.

I just joined Backyard Chickens and the board won't let me post pictures yet, but I'm going to try replying to my own post with 3 pics of the guy/gal/?.

In the meantime, any experience with these breeds and when were you able to tell their sex?
Success! Here are some pics:

1: Rooster?
2: Pullet, right?



I would say, given how they are numbered in your pics, that you have the sexes backwards. the comb growth on # 2 says that it is a cockerel... #1 is hard to tell given angles... do you have a better close up of the head, and perhaps a better shot of their legs?
Really? Well I'd be thrilled if that was the case (#1 has a great personality, already). Will upload a few more shots now.
These are upside down. Just tried everything and not sure what's going on, but maybe you're on a lightweight laptop you can rotate?
For now I'll just be that person who posts screwed-up photos.



LOL, it's alright... my comp. has a tendancy to not allow me to save pics right side up..
I had to google image search welsummer chicken to remember what standard leg thickness of that breed was... I remembered right.
#1: pullet(welsummers tend to have thick legs- much like a giant)
#2: cockerel.
Awesome news. She's just so much bigger than the other and I was so focused on the comb color anecdote I'd heard that I was 99% convinced. Thanks tons for the help -- will send you a pic at 20 weeks to hopefully confirm your skills
If anything, the second one has the coloring of a Welsummer pullet, and there is nothing that says roo about here to me.
The other bird, I would lean toward cockerel, but the pictures really aren't very clear or at great angles to see much. If you can get a good clear picture from the side from a lower level of the first one we could see more. I know that my Wyandottes took forever to see enough to know the difference. At about 8 or 9 weeks you should start seeing some saddle feathers if it is a cockerel.
Good luck.
Thanks Cynthia and minichickmama. Great info re the saddle feather timing. Will be looking out for them...

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