Wyandottes with bantam Cochins


8 Years
May 1, 2012

I have 2 wyandottes that I have had for about a year and they are quite large. I have been wanting to add more additions to this tiny "flock" if you call it that haha and I would like bantam Cochins but I am not sure if they would get picked on by my wyandottes. I do also like standard Cochins but my coop is fairly small and in the winter they stay in there so I would only be able to get one and I fear that she will have a very hard time on her own .

So any feedback or thought would be greatly appreciated thanks!
What are your Wyandottes like? I have a silver laced Wyandotte and she is very mellow and easy going. She is in a mixed flock with two bantam cochins and their isn't any problems.
I have a few SLW I got last year, they seem rather flighty compared to my other DP birds. Even more than my crossbreeds. Not as bad as my Cochin x leghorn pullet (Or her mother) but really shy/not people birds.

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