Wyandotts lay at how many weeks?

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Hi everyone!

    so nice to be back on here! Its been busy!
    I have 4 Wyandotts that I purchased when they were 5 weeks old in July. They live with my five other hens and one rooster two - mix breeds. My question is, it is now December and it has been 6 months or almost 30 weeks since I purchased them. When will they start laying?

    The weather had turned cold - 20/30s at night and 40's during the day. I just put a light in the coop to encourage more "daylight hours" just to help encourage them to start laying. I already lost my gorgeous EE who had yet to lay (a month older than my wyandotts) and Im wondering if she was egg bound...

    I would love any insight or tips/tricks to keep hens who (i think) are about to lay for the first time, to in fat LAY and egg even though the daylight hours have shortened and the temps have dropped,

    Thanks you sooooo much![​IMG]

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    I don't know,
    My Coop
    when you go to pet them and they squat down they are digging in their nest box they are going to start laying soon
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    Quote:I raised Wyandottes for quite a while, and seldom had one start to lay before 8 months of age. Some lines and hatchery stock may lay earlier though. Do not over do the lighting put them on a timer that is only on in the morning so they will go to roost and rest as normal. My lights come on at 4 am and off at 7:30 am. works for us here in OK.
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    My Wyandotte was about 28/29 weeks when she first laid, 3 weeks ago.
    If you want to check if she is egg bound there is a great thread going here:


    It has instructions for checking to see if ladies are laying, egg bound, etc. (As long as a LOT of other valuable info). Its a little "colorful" and checking for eggs etc, is a little yucky, but less of a downer than losing a chicken.
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    Sep 9, 2010
    westford, MA
    WOW - Your responses were so FAST! You all are great - thank you so much! These little buggers like to roost in the nesting box' even though ther are two poles higher than the box's for them to roost on. Rrrr. I blocked them off every night and then just removed the blocks today and low and behold, three of them are back in there.
    Oh well. Just makes me have to clan the boxes ever 2 days!
    Many thanks again!!!!!

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