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7 Years
Jun 8, 2012
Tomball, Tx.
I have lost almost 1/2 of my new flock since May. All were being killed in the day time so a stray dog was high suspect. But I never saw a dog on my property. Hmmm? They one sunny afternoon across the back pasture trots a big coyote. Then the pieces of the puzzle fell in place. So I started packing a pistol. A friend came to visit and we were sitting on the porch having a glass of tea. I had laid my pistol just inside the door. The girls were just past the barnyard scratching and enjoying the day. Then I heard this terrible squawking and the girls came running and flying my direction across the barnyard. I did not even hesitate to see what the problem was but gabbed my gun from just inside the door of the house. Instinct told me I was going to need it. I spun around with gun in hand just in time to see Wylie Coyote hot on the tail of my chickens running for there lives. Again instinct kicked in and I knew if I fired a shot Mr. Coyote would turn tail and run. Not even taking time for a true aim I pointed the gun in Wylie's direction and fired. He spun around and ran. I totally missed him but instead hit the water pipe for the stock tank shooting it smooth in half. Enter "Old Faithful". I had a good laugh because no chickens were lost and I hit a 1 " water pipe from 200 yards.
The moral of this is coyote's DO hunt in the day time so don't jump to conclusions as to what is killing your chickens.
I have seen foxes, bobcats, and coyotes - as well as stray dogs - all in my yard in broad daylight. Thank goodness for well-built pens.

My dad offered me his .22. I said thanks but with my luck I would hit a chicken, window or some other structure
Yup it stinks. I have one that has started visiting during the day. I have lost 8 chickens in the last 2 weeks. A few were due to a neighbor's dogs that got in to the pasture ( I know it was them because I caught them at it ). A few days ago, I was sitting inside and saw 2 chickens run by with what ended up being a coyote hot on their tail. The followning day it was back. This coyote came up through the front yard (which is about 2 acres and relatively cleared)! This surprised me. Yesterday, I saw it in the pasture. Since the dogs came, I always have a gun with me if I'm outside. I have since moved the birds out of the pasture and given them a smaller fenced area. No more free ranging until the pasture gets cut down. :(

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