X-ray of possible pendulous crop

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    I have another partridge brahma hen about 15months old. "Tillie" is really a big hen and giving me 4-5 eggs a week even at this stage. She is acting strange the last week. I noticed that her crop seems bigger than normal and it felt like a balloon filled with water or jelly. I isolated her for two days and gave only maas (type of unflavoured yogurt) and water with a bit of epson salt in it. After two days it seemed as if the crop is better and I let her out. Two mornings later I noticed that her crop felt again like the previous time in the morning. I isolated her again and gave maas and ACV water. She was still stretching her neck and spit out watery fluid. I did massage her crop and lots of fluid would come out.
    I took her to the vet and he had a look under the microscope to exclude sour crop. It doesn't look like sour crop as the crop flora seems normal. The fluid that comes out doesn't have a bad smell at all. The x-ray showed a very big crop, rest of picture seems normal.

    "Tillie"- no egg from her today

    My question: 1. Is this pendulous crop?
    2. Should I do something about it? What?
    3. How acute does pendulous crop come on? - This hen was fine and within two days she developed this big crop.
    I plan to take her to the vet again on Monday but would like to have a few opinions before then.

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