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10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I am SOO ticked at my xxxx chickens. Here's the deal. Out of 15 chickens/roos I finally have ONE that wont run from me and will let me pick her up. She will sit between my legs when I"m in the coop and if I pick her up she'll just hunker down and sleep. She's my sweetie and the only one I've named since I can tell her apart. So the past few days since she accepted me I sit with her for about an hour in the evening and occasionally a curious chicken/roo will come to my lap to see what's going on but they still don't want to be petted so they fly away after a few pats. So yesterday I walk into the coop and who do you know walks right up to me to be picked up? Theresa my sweet chicken. Okay I pick her up and one of the other chicken/roos is watching us. She/he flys up to the table then up onto my shoulder and before I know it HE PECKS MY EAR!!! I have time to raise my hand up to my ear just in time to catch the earring back before it falls. HE ATE MY EARRING!!! ARGHHH. I wore those earrings on my wedding day. I didn't know a chicken would do that. Ohh I am so ticked. I know it's horrible but I kinda sorta hope he didn't make it through the night so I can know which little xxxx it was and get my earring back. Don't get me wrong, I love the rest of them and spend quite a bit of time just hanging out with them, but this one little brat ate my wedding earring. Grr. Okay thanks for the vent.

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Oh no! Of all the earrings.... i'm sorry!!!

But i have to laugh because of him flying on your shoulder. I've been whapped in the head by chicken wings before. Today my mean rooster PECKED my big toe! I was wearing sandles. Then he jumped and did a flying kick to the feed bucket!!!!!!!!! JERK! I'll trade ya anyday!
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You can have him, no trade necessary! Hubbie came home and I was all pouty holding Theresa and I told him that one of the chickens decided it's name was Buffalo Wings. What really sucks too is that I stupidly thought he just wanted attention too. I thought for a half second that they were warming up to me. Can't someone tell these chickens that I'm the one who brings them food, keeps them safe, spends a buttload of money on them, brings them treats, ect ect.? If you are a chicken whisperer though, find out who the thief is. I think I've procrastinated long enough, time to get dressed (it's almost 10 I'm such a lazy bum) and go see about some chickens. If I'm lucky I'll just find some poop with a shiny thing in it. I'm seriously not above just washing it in alcohol and wearing it again.
Keep an eye on the poops for the next few days...maybe you can dig it out... good luck!!! it's possible...gross but possible
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