Yahooo!!!! New incubator due tomorrow!!!

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Smitty's Farm

15 Years
Aug 24, 2007
St Clair County, Il
I can't wait!!!
Just received a shipment notice via e-mail that the new incubator I ordered is due to arrive by the end of the day. Yahoooooo!!!! I'm so excited that I can't contain myself. OK, I just had to share with everyone.
I ordered the Lyon TX7 w/ auto turner. Yes, I've had hatches planned out for a while. I know it doesn't hold many eggs, but I feel in love w/ Tuffoldhen's when I saw it. It will be neat to wittness the hatch from all angles.

My first hatch attempt I plugged in the old "Scary Bator" (galvanized Brower), but the P.O. slaughtered my pretty little blue banty eggs. They were packed perfect and arrived without breakage, but the inside were jiggled. Of course I didn't know that right away since I didn't candle for the first time until Day 9.

I just took them all out of the bator last week. I left them in there past day 14, but still no veins....only floating blobs. It was so hard. I would candle wishing to see veins, but only saw blobs on one side by the air sac. When there was no hope I finally took them out and sawed them gently to not break the yolk to open them up to take a peek and there was no development. Some (not all) yolks were scrambled & some had busted air sacs. No development at all.

It was so disappointing, but I'm not giving up!!!!!!!
Darn, sounds like the PO played football with that box!!!! Hopefully you won't get any more shipments like that.

I'm now officially jealous!!! The TX7 with turner is one of the incubators I really, really want (the other being the Brinsea Octagon with turner). I hope it works well for you. That model is what the Fair here uses in it's hatching eggs display and you can really see the full hatch! Much better than trying to peak through little windows!!!!

Best of luck with your first hatch!

Thanks Skeeter! I'm very excited about it! I was also thinking about the Brinsea. I hear really good things about both brands.

I need all the luck I can get. I have replacement eggs coming tomorrow. I hope the P.O. is better to these than the last ones.

I have the old Brower running w/ 3 BO in it right now. I had the Brower all cleaned up from the failed attempt and a friend brought me 3 BO eggs on Sat. I wasn't expecting them, so I had to hurry and plug up the old Scary Bator.

I may have to put the new eggs in the Brower until I get the new incubator put together and acclimated.
Smitty's Farm :

Some (not all) yolks were scrambled & some had busted air sacs. No development at all.

It was so disappointing, but I'm not giving up!!!!!!!

That's how some of mine were, too. I was extremely shocked, but I don't know why. I knew that could happen, but I don't think I thought it could happen to me, lol. My next batch was much better, so have hope!​

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