Yawning? Worse?

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  1. CluckinUP

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    Feb 23, 2016
    This afternoon, I noticed my 2yr Easter Egger stretch her neck and open her beak. Thinking she was yawning, I thought it was cute, until she did it what seemed like 5 times in a row. By the time she went to bed with others, she seem to stop. In addition, she ate and drank some water before retiring for the night. She isn't showing symptoms such as watery eyes or lethargy. I did open her beak to see some grains in her mouth. She doesn't sound raspy. Am I fretting over nothing? Thanks in advance!
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    I've seen my chickens yawn a lot, the way you described. As far as I know, it's completely normal. [​IMG]
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    Not yawning, they are 'adjusting their crop'.....they will often do this after chowing down.
    Most birds will fill the crop and drink before going to roost.
    It's all good.
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