6 Years
Mar 7, 2013
I have 2 Doms and 2 rock barred(??) that are about 9 weeks old and one of the doms has started a yawning action that occurs about every few minutes if I stand there watching her. She is eating, drinking, pooping, but also seems to eat quite a bit of the deteriorated pine shavings or at least it appears as such ( I am sure there is chick grower crumbles in the shavings). I read what I could find fitting her symptom and picked her up to listen for wheezing and watched to see if she showed any signs of gape worm, but the yawning motion is all she does. No head shaking or stretching out her neck. Does anyone have any ideas? Is she getting sick? This only started today and coincidentally it was her and the others first night in the new coop. Could she be choking on pine shavings? By the way I am completely new at this and was really hoping I wasn't going to be confronted with an illness so I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will know what it could be and that it will be nothing. Please help
Hi! I have noticed the same thing with one of my chicks. It's like she/he is trying to crow..but no sound. (stand up straight, extended neck) he/she does it a couple of times..then stops..
I can't remember if my girls did that or not but have other birds that do sort of a yawn and I read that they are trying to move food out or down the crop. My cockatiels do it daily as well as my conure and Parrotlet.
I was worried about my cockatiel doing that so googled and its sort of like us popping our ears. Perfectly normal unless done constantly then it can be a sign of nasal congestion etc

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