YAY! And question...


11 Years
May 19, 2008
So, my fiance decided that I needed a better flashlight to candle with...So we got a maglite last night and taped a toilet paper roll to the top of it. Works much better than what I had! We started with 16 shipped eggs, 5 busted so 11 made it to the 'bator. I didn't think any were developing, some were completely clear and some just had a strange dark mass in it that didn't appear to move or have any veins. So looking last night, we tossed 5 more that were clear. We have 6 left in that look like they are developing! They were at 13 days last night, some still look weird though. Most of them are really dark over 3/4 of the shell, but we could see things move and could pick out veins right where the air cell (???) and the dark mass met. 2 looked really weird.....They were just like the others, only everything looked red in it! We noticed things move, so I guess it's ok???? Could they be developing a little faster because the temps have been a little high mostly? I got it to level and stay at 100.4 for the last 11 days. The first 2 days was up and down (figuring it out with turning heat in the house on and off because of the weather changes). But no matter what....I'm VERY excited to know that I didn't do something wrong right away and that something is going on in my eggs!!!

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