Yay for new coops!


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Rockingham County, NH
Well, our coop was finished last night and hubby is gonna do the run today! yay! Our 6 girls should be ready to go out today!

That's a nice little coop, sweet and simple!

I better not let my hubby see that or he will kill me.
Our coop is bigger thinking that we were going to have at least 8 hens, well we are going to have 5, maybe 6. One is still iffy. So our coop ended up being 6 feet long and about 4 foot wide and the run is 8 feet long and 4 foot wide plus there is a 6 foot area under the coop for shade, so they have a total run space of about 14 feet in length.

They went out yesterday for the first time. We did our run first, not really sure why, I think just to give us a general idea of what we were going to have and because hubby and my dad said it would be easier.

We still have to fix our new rabbit hutch and it will be going beside the chicken run. Who knows when we'll get to that project.
Thanks everyone! I am just ready for them to go out! LOL They are almost 6 weeks old and here in NH the days are warm and the nights are right around 60. Warm enough for me to have my house back!
Hope the girls love it!

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