Yay! I got my quail! And now more questions...

Discussion in 'Quail' started by miss_thenorth, Apr 27, 2009.

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    okay, so I got two trios,, and the eggs should be coming any time now. so my first question is, how do I store the eggs until I get enough to incubate? Then next question is about brooding. it is my undertanding tht they need to be in a brooder for about 4 weeks? And then in a pen for another 4 weeks before processing--correct? And when they are in the pen--is the rule still ~ 1 sq ft /bird? Just trying to be prepared. Thanks!

    Just though of more ?s..How big are they when they hatch? Do they act like little chicken chicks? or are they a bit more skittish. thanks again.
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    Quote:To answer your last question first, a newly hatched quail chick is very trusting...take advantage of this and pretend to peck with your finger at food and water for it and ti will peep and follow you around (as long as it isnt crashed sleeping haha) you may have to dip the tip of its beak (just the tip) into the water but other than that it will learn fast. The more you get it use dto your hands the easier they will be to collect when you want to move them to the brooder or to their cage or to take them out when its time to cull. If not you'll have "omg it's monster hand coming after us"! on your hands lol! Hand feed htem too as this gets them even more used to your hands.

    Also they are about she size of a quarter I'd say at hatching.

    1 sq ft per bird is the book accepted for quails, however i don't go by this and many don't. Go by what the birds look comfortable in if it's less or more than 1 sq ft per bird. I have 5 quails in 2ft by 2 ft pens never had a probelm. They have room to all sprawl out and sleep and stretch and walk around so that's room enough for me and them [​IMG]

    I store my eggs in my room on a shelf where they dont get too hot or too cold just like you would normal chicken hatching eggs. You dont even need to turn them while you wait (prooven in a scentific study). Now while develloping yes they need turned. [​IMG] 3 times a day jus tlike chicken eggs.

    Pretty much coturnix are like chickens in many of the same ways. [​IMG]

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