YAY! One of the eggs has hatched and the other pipped!!!!


8 Years
Aug 10, 2011
I only had two eggs that were not eaten by a momma hen that were moved to a momma with no eggs and 2 days after their "due date" one has hatched and the other pipped!!!
The one that pipped still is not out...... I know I can not help it,I just don't know if it is normal or not??? How long does it take to hatch, and when does the momma leave the nest with her other baby????
I am wondering the same thing? At 4:30 this morning some were piped. One poped out about an hour ago and one a few minutes ago. The one with the biggist pip in it this morning still hasn't started zipping. I can still see it's little beak poking around the hole. Mine are in a bator and this last one to hatch pushed the one next to it around, it also had a pip and now I cant see pip.

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