YAY!! Second batch arrived today!!!


9 Years
Feb 9, 2010
Greer, SC
All 15 are alive and well.

I got Golden Campines, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Partridge Cochins, EEs and Light Brahmas.

I think this is one of the partridge cochins


And here's the whole mess of them. Lol. and that little shining ball of light is a chick. Lol. Talk about conspicuous.


As a side note ... last tuesday my first batch arrived in a snowstorm ... this batch arrived today to 75 degree sunshine. How crazy!!!
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Love the selection of choice.
Congrats, too! I'd love to see how they turn out. I could possibly promise that you'll love your Brahmas!!
Congratulations on the arrival of your chicks! I know we got our last batches at the same time and you had a few die, I had one die sunday.....I was pretty upset. Good luck on this second batch.
I was really happy that the brahmas were available. However .... I haven't been home to see them yet, and I'm assuming the light gray ones are the light brahmas. MPC said at my time of order they were only showing 13 LB's available, which she said could be a mistake ... so when I get home, I'll take a closer look and cross my fingers.

I can't wait to see the partridge cochins mature, I LOVE the chevron pattern their feathers make. We got a Buff Brahma in our first batch and it's a lil stinker. Kinda like a Mighty Mouse. Little body, big personality. Lol. I hope the others are the same.

And the Campines ... they just look so awesome as adults. Couldn't resist when I heard they were available.
Aw, I'm sorry for the loss.
I hope the rest of your little bundles of joy thrive. It's crazy how attached you get to these little boogers.
Yeah I only ordered two silver laced wyandottes and now I've only got one left! Thanks.......I hope the rest survive too! I wish you all the best with all of your too!
Your lucky, I wish I could order more.
I'm thinking of naming it Shiner. Lol.

Ha Ha! Love it! I had a dog named Shiner (He had a black eye).

Your chicks are very cute and I am glad all arrived safely!

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