Yay yay yay my first baby chicks arrived this week!


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7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
Ok, so I am very new to backyard chickens... in fact mine haven't even seen the backyard yet! They hatched Monday, arrived Tuesday in the mail, all alive and well. I ordered 2 Buff orpingtons, 3 plymouth rocks (2 partridge coloring, 1 barred), and 1 "rare marans" I was hoping for a black copper, but I think I got a Golden Cuckoo.... what do you think? I googled pictures of the different Marans chicks that mypetchicken.com offers and this is the only one that comes close, but what do I know? Her name is Leya, after my very best friend, because she is soooo friendly and likes to be near me =) She is the brown & grey one with white spot on her head...
P.S. My eight-year-old daughter and History-buff husband helped me name them
Congrats! Have fun

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