YAYY!! first pip on my 1st turkey hatch!!


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May 1, 2011
WOW!! after a scare this a.m. when i thought i'd let the temp drop too low last nite - i've got 1 pip (of 9) and it is talkin & rockin! I am so excited!! this is our 1st time using the incubator for turkeys. anyone else hatching today - i am thinking of you! hugs & happy hatching - i will probably re-post to this just cos i'm so excited and i know all you super-cool turkey folks get excited about hatching too...but frankly right now despite my fondest regards to all of you fellow turkey fanciers right now i can admit i'm self-absorbed & for the next 48 hours or so IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! here's hopin' i'll be posting pics in a few days!

not to count my turkeys before they hatch though, of course.
wow - # 1 is OUT already! What a little fighter, the whole thing from pip to hatch was only about 1/2 hour. He practically exploded out of his shell. The shell still retains its 'whole egg' shape, it's like he zipped so efficiently that he could just 'kick' the shell right off. No blood, no visible yolk sac, poult is very active, screamin his head off and running around crashing into his 8 remaining sleepyhead siblings. So come on, other eggs, wake up! Of note, this little guy came out of the smallest egg, interesting to me. DH is being so cute, stopping every few minutes to look at this loud little wet lonely thing.
We-ee-ee-llll, no further action in the bator but i am sticking to my "#1 was in the smallest egg" theory - meaning maybe the bigger eggs somehow need proportionately more time
not a very scientific theory i know - anyway i'm going to retire for the evening and not be upset no matter what comes or doesn't come in the morning. You should see # 1 poult anyway, s/he's a DARLING all eyes and feet, quite vigorous. No, er, problems with the lungs that's for sure. Definitely a photo op waiting to happen! So excited to have watched our 1st-ever turkey incubator-hatch. DH was right there when # 1 kicked his shell off so that was nice moment to share with DH.

I have never done an egg-topsy and not to speak too soon but if i need to i think i will try that since other folks on this forum talk about that. But for now to bed & let nature do its thing.
HI folks - you turkey-fanciers are a super bunch, thanks for the words and the pics - cooool! #1 poult is continuing to impress with his singing and short distance sprinting however i see nary a pip on the 8 remaining eggs, i can't hear any extra voices in the choir either so hmmmmm.
turkeywrangler good luck with your hatch!!

i know with turkeys it's deadly to open up the bator - shrinkwrapping - but you better believe the temptation is strong. At 9 eggs to start the bator was not very full so when # 1 kicked out his shell he knocked all the other eggs around - you don't think he could have stopped them mid-pip by crashing into them? I feel like i will not be able to resist stickin my hand in there and turning the eggs so check for pips tonite...must...resist...must..occupy self by obsessively posting/hanging out on BYC:caf
Hi turkeywrangler & co - how're you doing how's your hatch - i am pleased to announce poult# 2- started zipping at 11:33 and is OUT at 11:45!!!

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