YAYY!! first pip on my 1st turkey hatch!!


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8 Years
May 1, 2011
...still just 2 poults, both vigorous. I've not opened the bator but because poult # 1 came out Friday a.m., and # 2 arrived yesterday a.m., i do want to pull these 2 out & get them in a brooder later today. No pips or zips on the remaining 7 eggs. I return to work tomorrow so have to get these 2 poults set up & eating by themselves before i'm no longer around to watch for signs of weakening. Both these poults have a brindled colouring (pic later today) and they both came from the 2 smallest eggs. I wonder if these 2 are BR/wild cross? So maybe the other eggs are straight BR and they'll just take longer?
i thought i recalled from my natural BR hatch last year that the 3 babies Edwina produced were a strawberry blonde colour, these 2 are as i say brindled.

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