YEA!!! 1st and 2nd EGG's Today


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Apr 26, 2009
Capon Bridge, WV
We are so proud, we have 16 buff oph's that are 20 weeks old and found our 1st egg today. Then I went to check on them again this evening 430-5pm and found another egg in the same spot the 1st was in the morning. They are a little small, but perfect shape and color and we are so proud. They are all great with our 18month old and almost seems to protect him and stay close to him when they are out of the coop. They are even forgiving when he pets them a little hard

I will try and post a pic

Congratulations on the first eggs! And great pic!

Chickens can be so sweet but just thought I'd mention that even much older children (and adults) they can quickly get an eye pecked...just chickens being chickens, but that'd be so terrible. Even when I bend down near them I'm careful about eye protection...guess maybe they think a peck will dispense treats...maybe they sometimes view us as some kinda twisted pez dispenser.

That eggs's a beauty!

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