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    Well, my "test" eggs are hatching. I put 16 of my own in after a big 'ole zero hatch from my last batch of shipped eggs. I put my fan back in on this hatch, and kept my humidity at 38-42% for the first 18, then upped it to 60% for lock down. Temps ranged 100 to 101.7. Spiked to 102. 4 one day. Went to the shop today (keeping the bator up there) and I had 4 hatched, 1 zipped, and 4 more pips. They are not quite a day early, actually due to hatch tomorrow morning. So now I have my bator set, and know whats working. Ugh, now it'ss cold, so the shipped eggs will have to wait till next year. I think I will run another "test" batch just to make sure things are good [​IMG]

    Oh, and btw, I took the fan out because the batch before the last shipped batch did a big 0! So I thought I was having better hatches without the fan. Must have been something eelse. It's hard to tell with shipped eggs exactly what is the problem. Just too many factors. BUT not my own! I know they weren't tossed and bounced. [​IMG]

    Yes I will post pics .....tomorrow [​IMG]
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    Woo hoo!

    ..waiting for pics....
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    [​IMG] Way to go. [​IMG]

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