Yeast infection?


Jun 9, 2022
I noticed on my australorp what looked like a brooding patch on her belly. It spread to a bare spot on her bottom and now her vent has discharge around it. She is acting fine otherwise. Is it a yeast infection and how do I treat it? Also- what do I need to do to prevent it? My 5 others have no issues.


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Welcome To BYC

When was the last time she laid an egg?

Vent Gleet is usually a white pasty yeasty discharge.

I'd give her a wash up and monitor her to see if there's a constant discharge coming from the vent. Does she have any feeling of bloat or fluid in the abdomen?

The bare area around the vent is feather loss which is often seen from other hens plucking out the feathers. You can apply a bit of NuStock or Hen healer on the skin to help it heal.

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