Yellow Bantam chickens?

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    Hope this is the right section to place this post.

    I have a mixed flock of Bantams. Because my husband wants me to keep my flock under 30, I have decided to try my hand at selective breeding (selling @ the Sale Barn the ones that don't fit, putting the profit back into the flock). As a fluke my hens have produced a small pale yellow to golden bird (not buff, but more definate yellow tones and as babies, they are a much darker yellow than the ones who turn out white) with a black tail and a beard... I now have 2 adult hens, one rooster, 2 half grown and a baby... it's a start. It would also be lovely if I could get green eggs from this type of bird (just a bonus). Right now I am keeping my white and brown hens (great moms and I think that this is where the yellows come from) and some black bearded hens (bearded, who lay green eggs).

    I like to add several new birds to my flock each year to keep the blood fresh. What would you recommend to be added to get the desired bird? I don't know too much about pure-breed birds so any suggestions would be appreciated... remember, Bantams.

    Thanks for the input!

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    Are yellow adult chickens that rare? [​IMG]
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    NO one has any suggestions? [​IMG]
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    It would help to have pictures, and also to know where your original chickens came from. If they're from a Farm Store (Tractor Supply, Rural King, Etc.) they might not be "Breeder Quality" to start with.
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    Sorry but don't have access to a digital camera... but the operative words here are "butter yellow adult".

    Also, although I am a pure-bred dog snob (GSDs), my chickens are just healthy mutts (given to me or gotten at the Sale Barn) and I don't plan on selling them and making a million dollars... this is just for my own pleasure and the experience.

    The question is really about yellow adult birds... but thanks anyway for at least answering.

    ps: I know what breeder quality is in dogs... so i'm pretty sure my birds are not breeder quality (shows, big bucks, etc. ?) but they are healthy and happy and I let them breed... and I enjoy them. Oh, and I find adding new blood each year keeps them genetically healthy also. Thanks again.
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