Yellow bumps on chicken leg?


5 Years
Sep 27, 2014
Our light sussex of 4 months has been sick for a few weeks now.
It is unable to stand nor fly, and has great trouble moving in general.

Here it is:


Close up:

maggot/lice/??? we found.

We have been feeding the chicken some extra nutrients and have been treating the small pests with hydrogen peroxide - it seemed the chicken was getting better when its appetite rose in the past week, but today we found another outbreak of these things.
We would appreciate it a lot if someone could help us figure out what this is and how we can help the chicken.
Welcome to BYC. Some causes of lameness in chickens are mycoplasma synovitis, viral tenosynovitis which is also called viral arthritis, and Mareks disease. The bumps sound like they could be from MS, but I'm not an expert on that. If you are seeing mites or lice, you should treat with permethrin or Sevin Dust. If you are seeing maggots, permethrin spray would take care of that. Here are 2 good links on mycoplasma synoviae:
Hi, thanks :)
I was wondering if MS, VT or Mareks Disease could also be the cause of the significant loss of appetite in this pullet.

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