yellow feet on a Black Australorp?


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I know that black australorps are supost to have pink on the bottom of there feet but my two BA pullets that are 15 weeks old tomorrow have yellowish feet on the bottom. I will look again tomorrow to make sure I was seeing rite. But could they be Jersey Giants? We have a BA rooster and he has the rite Color. Could this just be from mixed breeding or something? I got them from mpc. Thanks for any help.
Sometimes the BJGs and BAs will have the wrong color feet when from a hatchery I have read here on BYC.

However, when I bought some from a hatchery of both kinds, the feet were the only way I could tell them apart. They looked the same otherwise (I sold mine after a year or so and I hear they keep growing- the BJGs).
I bought what were SUPPOSED to be 2 BA pullets and one BA hen from what turned out to be a questionable individual. The 2 pullets were supposed to "start laying anyday", with the hen already laying. The guy I bought them from had about 50 breeds of chickens on his place, including both Australorps and Giants. I told him EMPHATICALLY that I didn't want Giants because of my limited space. Long story short, the pullets turned out to have yellow-bottomed feet, ate like pigs, and by the time I sold them 2 months later they were the size of small turkeys. They were Jersey Giants and I sold them as such. I've heard that ill-bred Australorps sometimes have yellow-bottom feet, but I would personally never consider them to be Australorps. In my experience, those yellow-bottom feet mean giant feed bills.

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