yellow/green tinge on slate toes and shanks


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Oct 17, 2008
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i have one blue orpington pullet that is the only one out of 30 chicks hatched out in october with this problem.
is it a defect, will this show up in her offspring, where might this have come from?

thanks for your time
Orpingtons are a white skinned, white shanked breed. The shanks may be modified by melanin to black,dark grey or blue.
If your bird has yellow/green it means it is a yellow skinned/shanked bird. The yellow is a recessive so both parents,although they have the correct shank colour, carry it.
It is the result of crossing to another breed, my guess would be Wyandotte.
It is a disqualifying defect, & unless you get rid of it by test mating it will come back time & time again.
thanks blackdotte, that was what i was looking for. i just went out to the pens, they were roosting so i was easily able to check that skin color and sure enough light yellow, but the bottoms of the feet were very yellow.
she's too beautiful to eat, so i'll just use her for my morning breakfast egg producer and enjoy her company in the yard.

i have plenty of other birds i can show and breed!
have a good one!
the blue color in orpingtons come from the original black orpington crossed with a splash orpington.
the blue, black and buff (which is the most popular) are all orpington varieties accepted by the american poultry association and are pictured and documented in the "standard of perfection."
i wish the splash were approved like so many other breeds are allowed, i have some beauties but i cant show them as they are not accepted by the a.p.a.

hey i saw your birds, very nice! ive always loved the longtail breeds and jungle fowl. i just dont have the facilities to keep their tails clean and beautiful like youve done, so i raise birds i can just let out the back yard all day and forage. i have a heavy breed and they cant fly higher than a couple feet vs. your birds that are used to roosting in trees.
have great luck with your breeding!
best to you and yours

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