Yellow lump on chicks beak


8 Years
Apr 16, 2015

Chick is active and seems fines. There are 9 other chicks that don't have this new bump. The chick didn't hatch with it and it maybe started growing about 2 days ago. We got a couple of new chickens that are in quarantine but they don't have any bumps or anything. They've had no contact directly with these chicks. The chick hatch 12/31/15

@Sally Sunshine

It is probably nothing serious. I would check your feeder and waterer for any sharp edges where the beak could have been cut or scraped. Bumps on the beak can be fairly common and in different colors, and thought to be from injury or possibly from a virus that causes a wart. They tend to eventually fall off in most cases. Here are some similar cases:

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