Yellow Pekin


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Dec 26, 2020
Good morning! I am a new to duck raising but am loving every minute of it. I was given a Pekin duckling from a friend in September. She has grown into a beautiful YELLOW duck. My question is, shouldn't she be bright white? She is no longer a duckling. Am I doing something wrong? She eats fresh organic fruits and veggies 3 times a day, always has fresh water and unlimited duck pellets. She gets mealworms for treats. She is super happy and very vocal. If anyone has any ideas or advice for me, I'll take it. Here is a picture of Duck-Duck(I know, super original name)

I recently saw a video of a person with a yellow duck just like yours! Do you feed her duck feed? I know ducks can turn yellow if the spend a lot of time in the sun. I wouldn’t be to worried as long as she is healthy. :)
She's an apartment duck, lol. We go outside once a day but not for very long. I feed her Purina duck pellets and fresh fruits and veggies. Thank you for telling me not to worry. I've been searching feverishly trying to see if I had done something wrong.

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