Yellow spots/marks on Pekin


Sep 4, 2019
Gettysburg, PA

I could totally be in the wrong category but sickness or something being wrong was the first thing to pop into my head although I hope I am wrong. My female Pekin has yellow spots/marks on her neck area. And my male Pekin had similar marks but not on his neck and they seem to be fading. My husband just thought it was maybe poop? But with it being on her neck and how yellow it is on her I don’t think it is. I didn’t get a picture today, but I can tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? They seem to be acting totally fine. They free range during the day and we are at work all day, this is the 2nd day they’ve been free range from the area we have fenced off for them, they escaped yesterday so my husband just opened it today. I’m a new duck mama and I am a huge worry wart and instantly started googling but didn’t find much. Please if you have any ideas, let me know! Pictures to come tomorrow!

Thank you!
Yellow Pekins is a sign of lack of sunshine. Maybe from laying around in the shade, or from shorter days. Or it’s a light molting. Regardless, it doesn’t sound serious.
Alright! Got some pictures! We just noticed them yesterday evening, she may have had them in the AM but it was dark and my husband didn’t noticed if she did. Before that she was all beautifully white.


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Could I be wrong? Yes. I don’t think I am. Your ducks are French White Muscovy. It was a big thing on BYC in 2016 when TSC across the US began selling them as Pekin. I had someone bring me some “Pekin” back then, but mine were more obviously not Pekin.

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We bought them off a Craigslist, someone who was moving and selling all their farm animals. Our male is all white, no red on his face. And besides those spots, so is our female.


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Regardless, I will steal some of your ducks soon. Let's see, you are two hours away... :D
I would be very upset. My ducks are my babies and they grew up to be such beautiful graceful ducks. Can’t wait to see how beautiful our Rouen ducklings end up being and then our Welsh Harliequins that we get in October! I’ll have to get a picture of all of them together next Spring when they are all grown, it’s going to one good looking flock (in my bias opinion )

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