Yep Im new and I have been looking for thread for the philippines and cannot find so im starting it


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
We have been raising turkey for couple of years, just a hobby. We sometimes sell it if there are people walking around and wanting to buy them. No big deal. They are probably 10 now I guess. Some of them probably has been bought out when I was touring Asia. The problem is the hatching rate is so low. I have 3 hens now and they can lay 20 eggs so I wonder if this can be a start of a serious business. Anyway I bought an incubator when I came back and put 20 eggs in.

Well yeah, I hope to hear from turkey enthusiast from the philippines!
. I'm not sure if their is a Philippines thread already. You can start one in the Where am I? Where are you! Section
Welcome to BYC, alessano1!
So glad you joined us. If you can't find a Philippines thread you could start one in the "Where am I? Where are You!" section, as Kevin suggested.
@kevin565 - Thank you for warm welcome with glittering font ! I like it ! Im trying to find out the section couldn't find one for turkey so for sure I will start a new one. I kinda thinking I won't be able to get any reply though..

@Lothiriel - Thank you ! I like the community here and reading personal experience is awesome. I will try to start a new post at "Where am I? Where are You!" "Where am I? Where are You!" Hope I can find joy in their responses...

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