yes another exciting case of IMPACTED CROP

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    sorry to post on impacted crop, after reesearching a bunch of posts about it i know it can get rather redundant...: ) but i am worried for my Buff Brahma, she had a baseball lump in her crop last night, so i withheld feed today to see if it went luck. two of our other hens had smaller lumps in their crops and the other four had empty crops. So i am assuming the brahma for sure and maybe the other two have impacted crops. got hay in the run and i feed them weeds and greens so it seems the possibility is there. from what i could gather on previous posts, i have done this: carefully fed 2-3 dropperfulls of veg oil, massaged the masses and isolated the Brahma with water with cider vinegar in it (about 10 water : 1 cider) but no food. we plan to feed oil/massage the three of 'em in the a.m. and p.m. tomorrow and hope to make some progress.

    couple questions...i saw a few people recommend applesauce, should i put a stewed apple or carrot in there for the brahma tonight? or is it better to keep her off food for another day or so? and what is the lowdown on grit anyway? we haven't been feeding it because we have a bath in there for them that's a mix of sand:natural dirt/gravel: ashes that i thought would provide grit. and any other advice? they all seem to otherwise be acting fine. thanks y'all!
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    not sure about the apple sauce, but I did have luck with the oil and the messaging on mine. It did take a few times before it cleared though. Good luck hope everything turns out for you.

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