Yes my chickens do know enough to come in out of the hail.

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9 Years
May 2, 2010
Orono, Minnesota
My Coop
My Coop
I was sitting outside on the front porch to watch the rain pour down and thot the chickens were in the coop but when the marble sized hail started I saw them run in a line, wings out around the run and straight up the ramp into the coop. Yay for them cuz no way I was going out in the hail to save them, a lesson I learned last year. This storm gave us walnut sized hail, but last year just west of us they had baseball sized. Last year I had RUN OUT IN THE HAIL to help my DH protect his car. NEVER do this because you just don't know what sized hail is going to fall out of the sky on you. The chickens are SMARTER THAN I AM.
On the bright side we did get a new roof,
but, we did pick the wrong color.
Thank goodness! Sorry about the wrong colored roof. What color is your house?
The house is a barn red with yellowish trim like on the coop and shed. I wanted something with a greenish tone but was overruled by He Who Pays The Deductible.
What cute place. I agree-the greenish hue would have been more attractive with the natural surroundings. I'll send another hail storm your way....

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