Yet another chicken injury - this time a hen with a bruised beak


Aug 25, 2021
I acquired another hen yesterday (she needed a home) and so I put her into a run adjacent to my other hen - Thinking they could not fight through the wire fencing between them (and they can't). HOWEVER, my hen went CRAZY when she saw this new hen and charged the fence and I think she tried to peck the other hen through the wire poultry netting. She ended up bruising the tip of her beak (and there was even a paper thing sliver of beak on the left side of her upper beak - it's no longer there, but the tip of her beak is bruised pretty good.
This hen had her beaked trimmed when she was a this bruise going to be a problem for her? She can eat soft foods today - and she even eats small grains and safflower seeds...but normally by now (at this time in the early evening, her crop is full - but not tonight)... I can tell it hurts her to try to eat normally...
It looks like there's been some similar mishaps with other peoples' hens...but none of them appeared to be hens with trimmed beaks...
She'll be sore for a few days, but it should be fine.
Thanks WR!

It started looking (before she banged her beak) like her beak might be growing back a little - post beak trimming. I doubt that's going to happen now... But, I've got her doing pretty good - I just watch her for mites or lice...since she can't pick them off her body.

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