yet another cocci question

I think it depends on the treatment. What are you using? Amprolium has no wait time for meat residue, I could not find the right page that indicates a waiting period for eggs. Sorry I can't be of more help right now!
They don't specify, but I think laying means "laying for food purposes" and I would go ahead and try to hatch the eggs if you have room. You could call the manufacturer and ask.
When I called the store they just told me to throw away the eggs for 2 weeks after the last dose...that sounds about right to me.
I think I will call the manufacturer and see what they say.....
I called the company and they said to toss the eggs during treatment (and 14 days after the last dose) but she said I would need to speak to a vet if I wanted to hatch the eggs that were laid during treatment.
unfortunately we don't have poultry vet's in our area.
So which medicine are you using? I went to go look it up in the Merck manual, but then realized I didn't know which one.

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