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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by JulieNKC, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Ok, I know the chicken's in my coop are fine. They (including my silkies) did fine last winter in their coop. I have a turkey, a leghorn, and 4 of my mixed chickens who like to sleep outside though. They sleep on the roof of the coop and a roost in the run. The part of the run they are in is enclosed and covered with a tarp. Will they get too cold? Would adding tarps around the sides help? Or do I need to go every night and drag all of them into the coop? I did that for around 3 weeks, and they still all try to sleep outside. Since they are so determined to sleep there, I'd like to let them if not harmful. It gets pretty cold here, sometimes down in the negative teens for a few days at a time.
    On the bright side, from my trying to get them in every night, I have almost got my turkey trained to step up onto my arm on command. [​IMG]

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    Is there enclosure solid out of the wind of course with no air leaks? The reason I ask is -13 outside any different -13 inside other than the heat they make and is not going to change it much warmer I would think. They huddle up and they are strong. How old are the bird bc if they are in the State of WY now these birds have grow the down feathers prepared in the genes for the climate they are in right. If the very same bird lived in FL it would not grow the same amount of down feathers. They grow what they need for the climate they live in. Now if were talking young birds first winter that's another story I think JMO
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    I agree, They will be fine. They really do know what is best. Given the opportunity I wish mine would roost outside. It may be cold, but fresh air is a great thing. Even the best ventilated coop has lower air quality than that outside. You may even notice a difference in the down content between those inside and outside. Might be a fun experiment. Low - teens are no problem at all. Think Pheasants, and Turk.. wait there is already a turkey out there, quail, stuff like that. They are outside all the time and don't have the food and water you provide. You may find that if it gets really cold, they may come into the coop if they want.

    Pretty cool that you have your rooster trained though. They may just like the attention the get from being in the trees. I would look for a piece of paper with squares and name of your chickens in it, they probably are running a pool to see who can keep you coming out there the longest. Heck you might even get the turkey to give you the combination to the safe they have stashed with all the winnings in it.

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