Yet ANOTHER Coop Raisin'! YeeHaw!! Ya'all!!


13 Years
Jul 28, 2010
Ripley, WV
Just sharing. I have been so looking forward to this day. Poor birds had a tough time this winter in a tractor. So... the scoop is -- Husband and I have been divorced for 8 yrs now. Getting re-married on our anniversary this Friday. That would be 39 years - 8. What do I want for a 're-wedding' present... WHALAA.... what else but COOP of course!! Doesn't every bride want one? Or should I say every 're-bride'?! So here's the beginning of a weekend of coop raising. Or is it spelled razing??
It was suppose to be 12x8 but it appears it will be 15x8 due to a squaring problem by my ex-husband to be-husband again....

Here we are screwing up that squaring thing...

Father & son hard at it.... in the mud. PLEASE STOP RAINING!!

Son doing most of the work....

Both of them are in bed now worn out! Tomorrow - the floor and upward! As for me - I'm on "the" forum telling the world -- it's COOP RAISING TIME! YIPPEEEE!!
(can you tell I'm happy?)
I know what you mean about being excited. The footings were poured today for our first coop. I can't wait for it to set/cure so I can start construction on mine. I'll be taking apart an old shed on the property here and re-using the wood to cut down on costs. Can't wait to see yours finished.
It is a happy occasion. I'm deep into construction too- all by myself except for friends who are "holders" when I need a hand. It's great that we get excited over simple things
It's great that we get excited over simple things

My theme in life - "Simple mind, Simple pleasures..."​
Yeah, you can get more chickens!

I have 3 chickens and a duck. The plan is to add another 3-5 a year for at least 3 yrs. Maybe take a break.... But what I do is buy the chicks and leave them with my niece and grand-niece to raise. First year there were 4 chicks. Only 3 made it here. Predator got the other. This year, I started with 5 chicks. Sunday night coon got one. Only 4 are making it here. Me thinks my niece and grand-niece do not get the biddies next year....

So 8x12+ coop plus 7 chickens and a duck --- I think I have room for more chickens-----plan A!!!
Looks like a great start, congrats on your re-marriage!

Are you in New England? It looks just like my back yard, very green and WET! I swear we are now living a rain forest.
Oh congrats on your re-marriage! How wonderful is that!? And what a great re-bride present! Hmmmm, should I divorce my husband and then re-marry him for such a nice gift? Naaah, that would be too much trouble. Maybe I'll just ask....

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