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    Mar 21, 2010
    Our "little ones" (3, 2 girl 1 boy) are now 11 weeks old. They have been free ranging with the others (7 - 1+year old hens) for 2+ weeks now. They have fluffed feathers a few times, but that is about it. Now, due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be out for the night together. There are 2 coops, they big girls have been using one and I am assuming (I know, I know..) the little ones will use the other. They are inside of a 50'x50' covered enclosure with chain link and surrounded with an electric fence, so neither coop has a closure. My question...there are ample feeders and waterers as well ad the two coops. Is there anything else I can do or should do? This is a new run for all and I have always put the little ones in first and then the bigger ones, so it shouldn't be territorial, unless the little ones want to sleep with the big ones? I know this is risky, but please let me know what you think. THANKS!

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