Yet another limping hen. . .

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    Jun 20, 2011
    I let the girls out to roam the yard yesterday afternoon and I noticed my buff orphington is limping pretty good on her left leg. This particular coop is new to them, and they're used to having quite a bit of space -- and this coop is much smaller. I believe she injured herself landing off the roost. It's not that high, but it's definately awkward compared to the original coop.

    She's my only hen that's currently laying, so I'll keep an eye on her to see if she's still producing eggs -- I'm assuming that would be a good sign of if she's healthy or not, despite the limping. (ie, if it's a sprain or disease).

    She's eating like normal, drinking like normal, and following the flock around, just on one leg, putting minimal pressure on the left foot. Comb is still very red, and normal looking. She acts normal as far as I can tell, other than the limp. I picked her up and looked her over -- doesn't seem to be dislocated, but I'm no vet. Hoping it's a sprain, but how can I tell?

    These are my ideas from the rest of the limping posts:
    -Any pictures of splints I could put together?
    -Can I give her Asprin to help any pain? I dont notice any swelling at all.
    -Soak the leg in an epsom salt bath?
    -Should I give her any supplements?

    Separating her isn't an option right now -- I don't have a kennel to keep her in the house, and these chickens have been together since day 1, so I don't want to cause her anxiety by being away from the girls. I confine them all into the smaller part of the coop at night, so I'm hoping this rest does her good. She has no problems jumping UP into her own nesting box, as that's where she usually sleeps, and I helped her down this morning, so she's not landing on it.

    Any other suggestions? I read all these scary things about Merkes, and worms, and whatnot. I'm new to owning chickens, and I didn't know anything about worming them or giving them extra supplements, even though I read 3 chicken raising books before I dove in. . . Could that possibly be the issue? And if it is, can someone please give me a list of symptoms, what they give their ladies, where I can purchase it, and what the dosages are????

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    I would guess from what you say that your guess about injury from jumping down is correct. Orps are big birds and this isn't uncommon. You can give aspirin, yes -- I would look up the dose but I'll just tell you it's in a sticky (blue box, top of forum, thread titles view) for this forum, so you can find it again if you ever need it.

    Here is a whole writeup that addresses many leg and foot problems -- it has a lot more information than I have in my head!

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