Yet another Mareks Disease topic.....hen unable to walk

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    So I have a 4.5 month old barred rock hen that just started laying a week ago. Over the weekend I noticed she was limping a little but I couldn't see any visible injuries and she didn't do it with enough consistency to tell which foot was worse. The limp persisted and got worse. Tuesday when I came home from work I noticed she was barely able to get around, having to flap her wings to move. Yesterday and today she has been almost immobile, and has been separated in a cat carrier. She seemed a little better this evening but she acts like sure does not have control over her feet, they are sort of clutched and she cannot stand on them.

    She is otherwise in good condition eating and drinking, just is not able to really get around. It sort of sounds like the paralysis associate with mareks disease, included are some pictures. Does anyone have some feedback for me?
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    I recently posted about Marek's too. I drenched my hen (force fed) colloidal silver and electrolytes with vitamins (Emergen - C). She had gone over a couple of days from limping to finally just lying on her side on the floor of the coop completely immobile. It took a couple of days of medicating (I brought her into the house), but now she is back on her feet. I let her outside again yesterday and she was a bit wobbly, but then could walk, run and fly. However, I decided to bring her back in and continue treatment (which was good because we have snow today. I have been treating her for about 5 days. I read it takes 10 days to 2 weeks for them to recover. As all my flock must be infected, and my land now contaminated, I don't see the point of culling. If she makes it, she makes it.

    Good luck.
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    What is the dose of the colloidal silver that you are giving? Can you tell me everything you are giving for the hen with Merrick's Please. I am dealing with my second rooster. No one can tell me what is wrong with him and I am guessing Merrick's. He cant use his legs. He can move them but not support himself with them. He just lays their with them in front of him. His wings both are pulled up next to him and he has control over both wings and his feet do not look like they are curling up like the hen in the pictures so I am not sure if it is Merrick's. He is loosing weight rapidly though. I thought the silver cant hurt because hes gonna die anyway if I don't try something so please if you could give me the dosage and everything you have your hen on I would love to try it. Thanks so much.

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