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Mar 23, 2010
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Okay.....I live in California with a very mild climate. We have 7 chickens. Our coop is 4x4 with two roosts. It sits partially over the run, which is 4x8. The chickens are allowed to free range all day in the yard. Is this sufficient space? They seem very content with everything. They are now 3 mos. old. I have read all the reccommendations regarding area per chicken, but most seemed to intended for cold climates with months of snow.... any thoughts? Coop/run is already built and being used. Don't want to have to tell the DH we need to add on


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May 18, 2010
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are they bantams or standard sized?

Bantam this is perfectly fine, but standards still need 4sq ft minimum in any climate really in their coop. They are 3 months now, but they will still grow some more or atleast fill out and things may get a bit more crowded in the coop. even in a hot climate a larger sized coop will stay cooler (and smell less!) and also they won't be picking at each other on rainy days when they are 'stuck indoors' so to say.

Do you know if all 7 and girls yet? are you possibly weeding any out? if so, I would just wait and see. if not - I might try and add on a bit to the coop.

good luck!


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If they will truly be free-ranging all day every day, I think it's a perfectly reasonable setup. They'd only be in there at night, so as long as there is sufficient roost space, you should be good

Good luck, have fun,



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It would definitely be a tight space (housing and run) if you had to contain them for a few days. But if they're out pretty much all day, every day, and you have mild temperatures, then they will most likely do fine. Two roosts would give you about 8 ft., which is certainly enough sleeping room for 7 birds.
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