Yet another ventilation question


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
When adding ventilation, such as a 2x3 hole in the coop wall, how would you count the square footage after covering the hole with a louvered shutter? Do you still have 6 square feet of open air ventilation, or is it compromised by the shutter?

I hope that made sense.
I've always calculated open to air flow space (the opening after finish trim is installed. Louvers don't really reduce the amount of air flow just the direction it travels. If these are fixed louvers, you should still have great air flow. If you wanted to calculate it as effective air flow you would need to reduce the space calculation by the surface area of the leading edge of the louvers (that portion that is against the screen to the outside). IE: if you have a 24 w x 18 h opening your space for air flow would be 432 sq. in. with louvers .25" thick you would reduce the area by 6 sq. in. per louver.

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